SEO Copywriting – The Facts

SEO Copywriting and content development is the key to producing a high quality website and one that is searched for by Google and enjoyed by humans.

SEO Copywritng Tips

Fact: Quality SEO Copy will increase traffic
Fact: Quality copy will increase sales
Fact:Google reads words – not images, make every word count
Fact: SEO does not need to kill the headline
Fact: Good SEO copy needn’t be boring or spammy
Fact: Copy with an emphasis on the customer journey will help with the overall structure of your website
Fact: Quality SEO copy will ensure the user clicks on your SERPS result rather than a competitor’s
Fact: Updating content regularly in a news section or blog will mean Google visits your site more often.

SEO Copywriting

Your website is your shop window to the world, for humans, not robots.

Good, well-balanced SEO copy content is integral to the success of your search engine optimisation strategy. As well as ensuring that your SEO copywritng contains a good range of primary keywords and derivative keywords, all content should be geared towards increasing brand awareness and ultimately sell more products and services.

Clearly defined and interesting directional copy is therefore essential.

SEO Killed the Sub Editor

A well used phrase is that the SEO headline has killed the sub editor. Gone are the days of witty headlines now that we have to fill them up with keyword rich content. Untrue.

Look at some of these classic headlines – without which we wouldn’t have had “Paddy Pantsdown”, or that iconic image of Neil Kinnock, before the Sun Claimed “It’s the Sun wot Won it”

The Sun Famous Headlines

The Sun Famous Headlines

Super Caley

If the editor and all us other writers had to care too much about what is the ideal keyword to use, and whether we are writing the correct captions etc, then creative could die in writing. If it were true the headline below “Super Caley go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious” when Caledonian Thistle beat the giants Celtic in February 2000…


…would have simply read “Caledonian Thistle 3, Celtic 1“*

SEO can be fun

But SEO is not the party pooper, the boring Robot feeding geek nor Mr Creative’s nemesis. Using our knowledge of how to use certain header tags and what Google and the other search engines look for, funny, clever and interesting headlines still have a very important place in all web copy. Just get the keywords in for goodness sake.

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*Thanks Jose