Semantic Search, Ecosystems and The Gravity Effect at Brighton SEO 2014

It was standing room only on Thursday 24th April at 11.30 at Brighton SEO. Our very own CTO, Jon Earnshaw gave a talk on how an ecosystem of assets can benefit a brand through semantic search in Google – and then went on to highlight the negative impact of sub-domains and the “Gravity Effect” which can seriously harm a business’s search positions.

brighton seo 2014 queue

The queue prior to the semantic search talk

Semantic Search

For the first half of the talk Jon discussed the power of semantic search and how Google can give us appropriate results based on the language we use, and continue to give us results even when we refer to “it” in up to 4 proceeding steps from the first vocal search.

semantic search seo brighton 1

Jon Earnshaw – describing the evolution of search, Brighton SEO 2014

Monitoring Assets and The Gravity Effect

In the second half of the talk Jon warned about the possible pitfalls of digital ecosystems. Using our SEO platform Pi datametrics, Jon highlighted how multiple sub-domains on a site can pull each other away from Page 1 in the SERPs, Jon and Intelligent Positioning call this The Gravity Effect. Take a look at the presentation below to see some examples of The Gravity Effect.

Gravity Effect, Brighton SEO 2014 semantic search 1

Jon Earnshaw, describing the Gravity Effect, Brighton SEO 2014

Semantic search and monitoring online ecosystems from Brighton SEO 2014


For those that didn’t get the chance to see the presentation at Brighton SEO here is Jon Earnshaw’s Brighton SEO Video via Silicon Beach

And the Presentation Deck from Slideshare.


We’re pleased to say that several people had the presentation as one of their highlights of the day.