SEO Search Term Groups based on Search Volume, PPC, CPA and CTR

With unlimited indexes available, Pi Datametrics Enterprise SEO Platform allows users to set-up their Search Term Groups in multiple ways, allowing you and other marketing teams (in PPC, Social, or PR etc) to focus on different areas.

The majority of Pi Datametrics users create their search terms groups by department, modelled on the different sections of their website. For example the fashion industry would tend to group their search terms by products e.g. tops, coats, jackets, dresses and jumpers. Or by genre such as: menswear, womenswear, kids, shoes etc.

The search term groups then dictate what the Visibility Score is overall within the Visibility Index (see below on how the visibility score is calculated).

Building your search term Groups by Genre Vs Search Volume

Below you will see that we have set up two workspaces in a celebrity project containing exactly the same search terms but grouped in different ways.

  • Example 1) By Genre
  • Example 2) By Search volumes

Here we look at IMDB as an example, to show the difference in performance between the two different search term groups and how they perform for the separate search terms

Example 1) Genre specific search term groups:

  • Films UK
  • Actresses and Actors UK
  • Movie Genres UK
  • Movies UK

Movies and Celebrities broken down into four genres

Example 1) Genre specific Visibility Index

Below we see how those Search Term Groups would look for the site based on the genre specific Search Term Groups.

We can see that the group represented by light blue line (Search term plus movies) is not performing as well as the others. The search engineer or content manager can then choose to look at the terms within that space to increase performance.

movies and celebs index 1

Sticking with IMDB we now look to see how the site performs in groups organised by search volumes.

Example 2) AdWord volumes search term groups:

  • 0-999 Monthly Searches
  • 10,000-39,999 Monthly Searches
  • 100,000-290,000 Monthly Searches
  • 1000-9999 Monthly Searches
  • 40,000-99,999 Monthly Searches

As you’ll see below, the search terms are exactly the same as above, just in different groups:

Movies and Celebrities broken down into AdWords search volumes

Example 2) Adword volume specific Visibility Index

Here we see that IMDB perform well for 4 of the 5 groups. Their worst performance is the green line, this is in fact the lowest level of search volume (only 1-999 searches per search term a month), this therefore is a group of least importance to the movie site. The search engineer can therefore choose to concentrate on the more profitable search terms.

Movies and Celebs index 2

Aligning SEO focus with PPC, Social and Cost per acquisition

As displayed in the above charts, grouping your search terms in a variety of ways can differentiate the views on your visibility performance. How you set up your search term groups depends on what you want to get out of the tools and how your company is actually set up.

You can also group your search terms to gain visibility based on:

  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Return on Investment
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per Click in PPC campaigns

Traffic definitely isn’t everything for many sites, it probably is for IMDB but groups can be designed to reflect PPC spend or cost per acquisition instead. What is more important for an ecommerce site is the cost per acquisition of the amount being paid on PPC. Pi can become so much more than just an SEO platform, it can aid the alignement between the activities of SEO, PPC and content development. The SEO webmaster can work in tandem with the other departments to negate costs on PPC campaigns by targetting the most expensive terms and getting organic to perform better for the most expensive terms.

How is the Visibility Index score calculated?

Visibility score is calculated by giving a score of 100 to a search term group that appears in position one across all terms in that group. Then an overall score is formulated. This is the chart we use when calculating the score.

As you will see anything off page two really doesn’t get much of a score.
Visbility score calc

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