Technical SEO audit

You’ve invested in great design, content, user experience and conversion optimisation – but they’re only as good as the foundations they’re built on.

Our Technical SEO Audit provides prioritised, business solution-focused optimisations and feature recommendations designed to help you get the most from your website.

What’s more, everything we do is informed and supported by our comprehensive enterprise SEO platform.

Project support: Technical SEO

Do I need a technical SEO audit?

Many websites are built without expert technical SEO advice and, as a result, aren’t properly optimised for performance in organic search. And it’s not just about fixing broken links and adding XML Sitemaps. Here’s just a sample of the complex technical SEO challenges facing online businesses:

  • Geographic and language targeting
    How do you ensure your international content is found in the right markets? Is your US site cannibalising traffic for your UK site? Are you using the right methods to automatically redirect visitors to content for their region or language?We use the Pi Datametrics platform every day to monitor your presence in any search engine globally. As a result, we can instantly detect whether your web assets are appearing in the right places, or if they’re conflicting in any way.
  • Mobile optimisation
    More people now search Google on mobile than on desktop. What’s the best approach for your business? Adaptive, responsive, or a completely separate site? What about app indexing?Pi Datametrics tracks any URL across both mobile and app search, meaning we can identify your visibility in each area, and test accordingly.
  • Crawl efficiency
    Are all of your site’s pages indexed? If not, why not? Are store category filters creating thousands of unnecessary pages that prevent search engines from crawling your site effectively?Using Pi, we monitor the journey of any URL, including domains, subdomains and folders etc., to understand SEO cannibalisation issues and formulate a bespoke canonical strategy for you.
  • Implementing structured data
    Structured data plays an increasingly important role, from Rich Snippets to semantic search and email action. What opportunities are there for your business, and what method of implementation suits your platform?Using the Pi Datametrics platform, integrated Google Analytics, and thorough SEO reporting, we work with you to measure the impact and success of structured data on your CTR and real revenue, to ensure you’re achieving the greatest ROI possible.

Business first SEO audits

Many agencies will give you lengthy lists of technical SEO problems and fixes, with little insight into your return on investment.

We’re different. Our audits are focused on understanding what makes a tangible difference to your business, ensuring maximum return on investment.