Pi Datametrics interface update

The Pi Datametrics platform has a brand new look.

We’ve redesigned our enterprise SEO platform to bring our clients the same comprehensive, market-leading data, but in a snazzy new package.

With seamless designs and fewer distractions, Pi’s new interface will make navigating through daily SEO data a breeze.


Position Explorer Charts – Interface update

Position Explorer Charts Pi Datametrics interface update

Position Explorer Charts – What’s changed?

Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Charts enable you to monitor and compare the movement of any URL, across any search engine, on a daily basis. We’ve updated the colours and visualisation of the charts to bring you data that is appealing and shareable.



Pi Datametrics Dashboard – Interface update

Dashboard new interface update Pi Datametrics

Position Explorer Charts – What’s changed?

We’ve improved our platform navigation and have introduced icons to make your user experience more visual, enjoyable and simplified.



Pi Datametrics Competitor Discovery – Interface update

Competitor Discovery new interface update Pi Datametrics

Pi Datametrics Competitor Discovery – What’s changed?

Pi Datametrics Competitor Discovery now displays differentiated colours to highlight the difference between Visibility Scores and relative market share across organic search.



Pi Datametrics workspaces – Interface update

Workspaces Pi Datametrics interface update

Pi Datametrics workspaces – What’s changed?

Pi Datametrics’ new-look workspaces allow you to navigate through the entire platform and give you access to all key features, including reports, indexes, Competitor Discovery, Page Diagnostics, Intelligent Copy, Backlink Analysis, Position Explorer Tables and Position Explorer Charts. The new bar charts enable you to visualise your account usage in terms of queries, users and search engines.



Pi Datametrics Visibility Index – Interface update

Visibility Index new interface update Pi Datametrics

Pi Datametrics Visibility Indexes – What’s changed?

Your Visibility Index space shows you the biggest movers and fallers across your industry; provides a centralised space for you to view recent Insights and allows you to benchmark yourself against competitors. Pi’s new charts make that data even more accessible and digestible.



Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Table – Interface update

Position Explorer Table new interface update Pi Datametrics

Position Explorer Table – What’s changed?

The movement across your industry is now even more obvious in Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Table, with green and red columns representing positive/negative performance across both search terms and sites.

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