Partial match domains reappearing in Google UK?

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It wasn’t too long ago that we ran a test to see how Google reduced the amount of EMDs (exact match domains) and PMDs over the past three years. We concluded that this was a change that occurred over twelve months, rather than overnight and Google had been actively trying to reduce the strength assigned to EMDs and PMDs within the SERPs.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve noticed in one sector, the inclusion of a number of PMDs that really should not be on page one.

Below is a chart highlighting this position improvement:

Chart showing PMD improvement over the past few weeks

I’ve hidden the identify of the domains so far as I wanted to do a thorough investigation and contact Google to see if they believe this is an error, or indeed, if they believe the results are valid. I’ve masked the keyword in questions, but have included the addition term:

Red –
Green –
Light Blue –
Yellow –
Blue –

Four of the five domains have been registered in the past two months by the same registrant. According to our internal linking tool, there was a mass link addition on December the 16th to these four websites. Surely, these have slipped through Google’s net? I’m going to put this to Matt Cutts and welcome him to discuss these issues with a UK SEO – which I’m sure, will be extremely useful towards Google and webmasters here in the UK.

Update 31st December 2012: I’ve sent Matt Cutts this tweet, but am yet to get a response: