The opportunity in ‘Smartphone’ searches

We all know about our very real obsession with our smartphones. They’re just as powerful as some laptops, and a hell of a lot more convenient. There’s even the added bonus of smart tech that links to your phone.

Whilst creating our ‘Electronics retail leaderboard’ report it became clear that the tech we are searching for is strongly tipped in the smartphone and smart tech direction.

What’s most valuable: Smartphones or computers?

If we look at Organic Value, it’s clear that whilst ‘Computing’ (pink line) is the most valuable category, it’s seeing gradual decline. ‘Smart tech and phones’ (yellow line), on the other hand, is growing each year.
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There’s been speculation about whether smartphones will replace computers and laptops, ever since phones got internet capabilities. Now that our phones are getting bigger, somewhere between a tablet and a phone (phablets anybody? No? Ok then), this is a real possibility. And the Organic Value provides evidence for that – value for ‘Smart tech and phones’ is almost exactly the same in the first half of 2018 as the value of ‘Computing’. Will this trend continue?

This chart also reveals the huge value of each year’s new iPhone. The peak that can be seen in Sep 2016 and then again in Sep 2017 are a result of the new iPhone releases. #NewYearNewiPhone.

iPhone launches have a huge impact on search…

Every September for the past 10 years has seen a new iPhone release. New features and slimmer models are unveiled to loyal Apple customers who immediately take to the web to investigate.

We can see this in the below search volume chart:

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It’s almost identical to the previous Organic Value chart; if search volume and Organic Value are both peaking for the same product reveal, it clearly presents a huge opportunity online for retailers.

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iPhone’s are the most searched terms

The value of the iPhone is even more apparent when we take a look at which search terms have the highest search volume. Six out of 10 searches make up the ‘Smart tech and phones’ category:


And four of these terms represent different iPhone models.

‘Smart tech and phones’ is the most valuable electricals category

To underscore the value of smartphones even more, every single one of the most Organically Valuable searches comes from the ‘Smart tech and phones’ category:


This time, six of the top terms are for iPhones.

Being prepared with a smart(phone) strategy

Competition for iPhone terms is fierce throughout the year, but in September this competition skyrockets. People are more interested in smartphones and tech than the latest computers or laptops.

As phones become more and more capable, retailers should be aware of their customers shifting interests, and also be conscious of recurring product releases. Having the correct data to identify these long term and shorter term trends is essential for being prepared online.

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