New Software delivers advanced way to analyze, measure and scale SEO operations for Blinkbox



SEO has become extremely complicated with hundreds of factors contributing to a client’s organic visibility, more competition for top rankings and the continuous expansion of online market share.

This growing complexity led to the development of Intelligent Positioning’s new software product suite, an online Software-as-a-Service technology that provides search marketers with an enterprise-class platform and the support required to optimize search engine traffic.

IP’s new product suite will gather natural search data, improve internal reporting, drive competitive research and automate manual SEO activities. The integration of IP’s new SEO platform suite will enable Blinkbox to spend more time on strategic initiatives.

We always look forward to using new software from IP. Through the Intelligent Positioning platform we have significantly increased our traffic and been able to target a much broader audience. We have seen substantial ROI year on year since starting work with IP in 2007.Adrian Letts, COO and Founder blinkbox

Truly Global SEO

Intelligent Positioning is the unrivalled leader in global SEO technology empowering enterprise marketers to manage and improve their SEO efforts and deliver provable ROI. Now the company created the first truly global and real time, enterprise SaaS SEO technology solution, their new Application Suite, which helps marketers scale natural search, monitor competitive market share and boost revenue.

Companies such as Disney, BSkyB, Siemens, Alitaila and AXA rely on the company’s technology solutions and team of experts to continually measure and improve their natural search traffic and revenue.