Mumsnet Community Lets Loose on Daily Mail Journalist

Mumsnet logoPicture the scene: You’re a journalist, you have an idea for a story which your Editor is pushing you for, you need some real-life opinions on a piece and you need it quick. Where do you go?

Blogger outreach by Journalists

Well, journalists today often simply tweet a question or a story idea and hope their re-tweets will land on the Twitter-lap of the perfect story. But that’s just a Tweet and hope.

Another way is to enter a forum of the relevant community and ask straight up. And where better to go if your story is about child-care and the health of UK kids than Mumsnet?

That’s what Daily Mail journalist Zoe Brennan did yesterday when she asked Mumsnet members’ opinions on whether GPs too readily send kids to A&E.

The Daily Mail Question

Title: National Newspaper seeking stories of children sent to A&E inappropriately by GPs

“I am writing a feature for The Daily Mail about the increase in the number of children being sent to A&E. Figures released earlier this week show an increasing number of youngsters are sent direct to hospital, because GPs are reluctant to treat children. Babies in particular. This means long waits, and inappropriate care. Has your child been sent to A&E with a common infection or minor injury by your GP or NHS Direct? Have you an opinion on this subject, as a parent?”

Daily Mail Mumsnet

It seems that she was not prepared for the backlash and almost torrent of reaction to the question. Mumsnet followers didn’t seem to hold back in being critical of her question, her previous articles and the newspaper she writes for.

The Mumsnet Responses

The first response from “PetiteRaleuse” set the ball rolling.

Mumsnet Daily Mail

Another comment from “VivaLeBeaver” summed up many thoughts:
Why don’t you write an article you could actually be proud of Zoe? A proper piece of investigative journalism rather than all the drivel of cheap shot crap stories in the link below.

I’d love to see you try and do a difficult, responsible job like been a GP!

Though it wasn’t all anti-Daily Mail, most of the 250+ comment did expose the community’s dislike for such pieces and the newspaper itself. It will probably dictate future action by certain journalist factions on who they should approach.

This was a comment that stood out:

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