Mercia Fund Management invests in Intelligent Positioning

Technology company Intelligent Positioning today announced that Mercia Fund Management has invested a significant six figure sum to support the SaaS organic search intelligence tool, Pi Datametrics.

Pi Datametrics offers enterprise class natural search technology, empowering brands, corporations and marketers to control and improve their online search visibility and social performance.

Developed in response to real clients’ needs, Pi Datametrics enables editors, webmasters and planners alike to make intelligence based business decisions. The platform is already being used daily by brands such as BSkyB, River Island, M&S, L’Oreal, Invesco and more.

Building on a unique database of more than 26 billion lines of search data, Pi Datametrics offers global business marketing intelligence for ecommerce sites, publishers and major brands. It is primed to allow users to identify and respond to algorithmic changes as well as increase visibility, traffic and sales.

Daniel Titterton, CEO at Intelligent Positioning said:

“Pi Datametrics has made vast progress over the last 12 months. In a very competitive space we have gone through the hard yards of proving Pi Datametrics’ worth with some of the world’s biggest and most demanding digital brands. With Mercia onboard we now have the right partner to accelerate the business in both value and capability, both now and in the future.”

Rob Johnson, Investment Director and Head of Software, Electronics & Hardware at MFM said:

“We are excited by the proposition created by IP and their ability to develop successful relationships with well-known brands who achieve fast, direct results from IP’s proposition.
IP is particularly useful for multinational companies that have a large number of products and consequently have a large number of search terms ranking on Google. Without IP it is a tedious, time consuming task to monitor the relevant key search terms against their product set. Using IP makes the process simple and should deliver competitive advantage against their competitors.”

Based on a monthly subscription Pi Datametrics cloud service offers:

  • New natural search evaluation platform, monitors search terms globally
  • Pi Datametrics offers marketers unique depth of data offering visibility and performance of their digital assets around the world.
  • Flexible competitor monitoring: users can track selected competitors, across industries and locations
  • Realtime performance insight – tracking index visibility and volatility scores
  • Customised alerts showing search engine visibility drops mitigating risk and creating significant cost savings

About Intelligent Positioning

Intelligent Positioning (IP) is a natural search and SEO technology developer offering cloud based tools to corporations. IP has developed a SaaS product called Pi Datametrics to aid corporations with their own SEO and business intelligence to get visibility of their digital assets within the natural search landscape.

The company has 35 employees across two offices (Brighton is the HQ and London). Pi Datametrics is a service developed by and available from IP, launched January 2014.

About Mercia Fund Management

Mercia Fund Management, a subsidiary of Mercia Technologies PLC, is a leading investor in UK technology, specialising in the commercialisation of businesses with high growth potential across a range of technology driven sectors in which deep expertise is held.

Mercia can provide early stage, development and growth capital to enable investment in a wide range of opportunities, whilst being strategically positioned to allocate follow-on capital to stars in the portfolio.

As sector specialists, Mercia’s value is not only in the pre-investment discovery, analysis and selection of high growth opportunities, but critically in the support of those companies post-investment. Investment directors have been directly involved in the financing, building and management of companies in their respective sectors, and work extensively with the executive management team of each investee company in order to drive value creation, control risk and deliver profitable exits.
Mercia Fund Management is owned by Mercia Technologies PLC ( , which listed on AIM in December raising £70m. Mercia Technologies is focused on providing later stage direct investment to the emerging stars from the EIS and SEIS portfolio within the Mercia Growth Fund series to expand and ultimately exit these businesses.

The combination of EIS and SEIS funds under management and direct investment gives Mercia a unique venture capital model which, through follow-on funding, has the ability to back high-growth technology businesses anywhere from, an early stage, through their growth journey and ultimately to a profitable exit.