LinkedIn and YouTube join the April Fools

Youtube April Fool

Two of the big Social Media sites, LinkedIn and Youtube joined in with almost every publisher in the land to offer us up a bit of ‘fun’ on April Fools. Today we saw in the Daily Mail that Kate Middleton was caught shopping for baby clothes (it was a model), on Radio 4 John Humphreys spoke about 3D Radio, and in the Metro there was a video of a discovery of a unicorn’s skeleton.

Social media wasn’t exempt from this practice either.

Linkedin uses historical characters

Linked-In used its “People You May Know” to offer up famous historical and fictional characters. This is ironic in itself as this box never has anyone i actually know, so it is pretty much the first time i have ever clicked on it. (See below)
LInkedIn April Fool

YouTube April Fool

The annual gag fest has an irony about it, as the story each publisher tells gives an insight of how they see themselves (or in the Daily Mail’s case a story they would love to have had). YouTube for example offered us their sepia tinged videos of modern videos such as Doctor Who, which was relatively underwhelming. However more interestingly it gave us a bit of a history lesson walking us through the most ‘viral’ videos of 1911. Good one YouTube.

Youtube sepia april fool

Google April Fool?

Google would have been in this list, but for the fact they released Google +1 a couple of days before – is this going to go the same way as Wave and Buzz? That’s for another blog post. However I’m still waiting for someone at Google to turn around and tell us that Panda is an April Fool gag too.