John Lewis Online Company Focus

picture-31In a recent news release John Lewis stated it has achieved record figures for online sales:

“Internet sales were driven by demand for gifts, Christmas decorations, furnishing accessories, home electronics and toys.” The Release stated, But how do they get on in the SERPS?.

The John Lewis website is of a high standard, in both design, content and for many keyword related searches. It ranks highly for a wide variety of keyword searches, reflecting its diverse product range.
john lewis seo
Using our tools we can see how John Lewis has done for those sectors stated, within Search. John Lewis does well for “electrical appliances” – one of their stated successful terms, but do not perform well in the other areas offering no real consistency. In fact for some, they have even taken a drop over the last few months.

The first chart shows performance in Google UK, for the selected keywords over a period of 6 months, from position one to positon 100.

Competitors such as Tesco Direct, perform much better across these diverse product areas showing consistency and generally keeping on page one and two.

Chart 2 shows direct.tesco’s progress in the Google UK.

John Lewis obviously achieves results on the back of its brand equity and from online shoppers who have already experienced the high quality of service. Traffic and repeat custom would rise if they performed better in the SERPS. Having a successful SEO service would undoubtedly help.

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