Is your family of global sites conflicting with each other?

If your business offers its products and services globally, do you know how those sister sites are affecting your site?

International conflict is most likely to occur between same language sites such as US and UK, Australia and Canada, this is usually down to duplicate theming or duplicate content. Google sees a semantic relationship between the two sites even if they are on different TLDs or CMSs.

Any duplicate theming will have a negative impact in the search engines for both international sites. But most importantly you need to ask why is a US site appearing in the UK Serps? Simply telling Google through relevant tags can remedy this.

How Pi Datametrics can identify international conflict

Chart: Position explorer chart, International conflict, Site: Expedia, Google UK


In the chart above we see conflict between a search made in the UK, but the Canadian and US sites is conflicting with the UK site. Notice how this conflict is pulling down the pink line. The problem is, due to duplicate theming, Google can not separate the sites. This is also pretty poor practice for the user, as an acquisition probably won’t be made if the currency is one they are not used to.

Only our SEO tool Pi Datametrics can identify this type of conflict and allow you to make unlimited URL searches to see if any sites are semantically linked to yours.