Is this the best Wikipedia page ever?

Best wikipedia page everI never used to think that there was a “Best Wikipedia page”, just ones that desperately needed work, and ones that didn’t.

I’ve been casually editing Wikipedia pages for a few years and encourage people at IP to do as much as possible. If they see a dodgy link, a typo or more importantly some spurious content that isn’t justified, then they should get in there and tidy it up.

With this bit of knowledge we know how hard it is to create the perfect Wikipedia page.

Due to its openness Wikipedia content can change and reform into an abomination, especially if the wikipedia spammers and vandals take hold of your page. Plus I personally have a non-deletion attitude, giving everyone as much chance to add to their favourite topics as possible.

So I know from experience that a brilliant Wikipedia page is pretty hard to put together. That is why I sit in awe and read the Rugby World Cup 2011 Wikipedia page and think to myself, is this the best Wikipedia page ever?

The Best Wikipedia Page Ever

Yes the Best Wikipedia Page ever is The Rugby World Cup 2011 page.

Brilliantly assembled over about 4 years, the page offers everything you could possibly want.

Everything possible is there and during the World Cup in New Zealand it probably quadrupled in size.

The best feature, amongst all the great features, is the central image around all the stadia and venues for the cup. But arguably all the stats and fixtures lists, which are a complete pain to put together are beautifully styled and constructed.

Best wikipedia page ever

Wikipedia Traffic for Rugby World Cup 2011

During August, September and October The Rugby World Cup Wikipedia page accrued over 1.1million views with daily peaks of around 50K views. See chart below for September.

wikipedia stats for rugby world cup

But traffic isn’t everything. As mentioned the styling, the thoroughness but brevity of content is superb, and so difficult to achieve on Wikipedia. So for everyone that helped compile this Wikipedia page and edited it beautifully, we salute you.