iPhone 5: Who was positioning in Google?

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There might not be as much of a buzz about the latest iPhone release nowadays, however there are still many Apple enthusiasts that were camping out to get their hands on an iPhone 5.

Here we take a look who was on page one in Google for the build up to the release and how this compares to that of the iPhone 4 release date.

Below you can see the top ranking competitors within Google UK on Friday 21st September, the day the iPhone 5 was released:

iphone 5 in Google UK from 23rd August 2012 to 23rd September 2012
URLs positioning for iphone 5 in Google UK
List of URLs used in chart above

Using the same competitor set, we can see how those domains ranked back in 2010 when the iPhone 4 was released on June 24th 2010:

iphone 4 in Google from 27th May 2010 to 27th June 2010iphone 4 movement for a number of domains
List of competitors used in the chart above

Its interesting to see the changing landscape of the search results from 2010:
Top 20 in Google UK (the web) for  iphone 4

On the day of the release, O2 weren’t even in the top 100. Their superb position in 2010 was no doubt down to the exclusivity deal with Apple, which has since expired. The only UK phone network that featured in the top 100 was http://shop.orange.co.uk.

Back in 2010, T3.com would have been disappointed to have been featured on page one for build up of the iPhone 4 release, only to drop down to page two on the day of the release. Their specification took priority over their review back then, this time around it was the official review that featured – and stayed – on page one.

Wikipedia’s 2010 entry is quite interesting in comparison to that of 2012. The domain only started to rank the day after the release, even though the release date was known by June 8th 2010. Its odd that a release of this magnitude did not have an article created in anticipation to its release?

YouTube also didn’t feature in 2012, but was prominent in 2010 with this video by Castigo. Only from manual observation – there was minimal universal search coverage, in terms of videos and images, on the release day. The majority of page one listings focused on reviews of the product, rather than places to buy the phone. Unsurprisingly, PPC was dominated by the phone networks.