Truly Global Natural Search Application Suite

SEO Natural Search Analytics

Intelligent Positioning offers the world’s first truly global and real-time response SEO product, based on its award-winning Intelligent SEO platform for all your Social and Search needs

Intelligent Positioning is the unrivalled leader in global real-time Natural Search technology, empowering brands, corporations and marketers, big and small, to give greater control and improve SEO performance and social presence while delivering a higher ROI.

Intelligent Positioning developed its new IP Application Suite, based on its award-winning Intelligent Platform, to help customers scale natural search, monitor competitors every move and response in real-time and boost sales. Its Intelligent Platform makes it easy to use, to customise and to integrate with other systems, producing real-time intelligence reporting.

Companies such as Sky, Alitalia, Siemens, AXA, IPC and News International, have used this technology to proactively manage and improve their natural search traffic and revenues.

To find out more about the Intelligence Platform and how your business can benefit from improved insight and performance don’t hesitate to call.