How popular is the Royal Wedding ?

The Royal Wedding is just around the corner, and the whole world and his wife are eagerly anticipating the event, whether it is for first sight of the dress or just because of the extra day’s holiday in UK.

It’s a good opportunity to have a look at what people are searching for, and who is doing well in the Google results.

Royal Searches

Royal Searches

Of course, the big search term is ‘Royal Wedding’, however, some of the royal family members are also receiving a bit more interest than usual.

Certainly the main players are way up there, ‘Kate Middleton’ being top, with surprisingly the most interest coming from the Philippines, according to Google Insights.

‘The Queen’ has always been the most searched for royal, but ‘Kate Middleton’, ‘Prince William’ and ‘Prince Harry’ all spiked when the engagement was announced in November 2010 and continued to be popular for a short time thereafter.

Popularity over time

Popularity over time

More recently the searches for Kate and William are again increasing, as the day approaches, but more gradually this time rather than a spike.

Some of the other royals are also receiving more searches, such as ‘Prince Charles’ and ‘Princess Diana’ as comparisons are being made to previous royal weddings .

Charles and Diana


Popularity for ‘Royal Wedding’ is strongest in UK with some commonwealth countries as well as the US also showing a great deal of interest.

Regional Interest


The top websites being returned by Google are the official royal wedding site, at position 1, and second place to a lead generating seo agency (a case of URL keyword stuffing ?), with news sites appearing next, such as The Telegraph, BBC and The Guardian.


The British Monarchy are proving how contemporary they are, as aside from launching their own official royal wedding website ( they also have a Facebook page with a new dedicated tab for the royal wedding ( and a Twitter account @ClarenceHouse with regularly tweeted progress updates, pictures and videos.

It will be interesting to see how long this popularity continues after the event ! Of course that will depend on how long it will be before the first baby announcement.