Guyana President in Facebook Dupe

The office of the president of Guyana has asked police to find out who is impersonating him on Facebook. Someone claiming to be the President had more than 170 friends and featured images of the leader as well as a biography.

AP reported that a government statement said that Bharrat Jagdeo, the President, was not a Facebook member.

Apparently three people have posted messages, one astute Facebook member even questions whether the profile was authentic.

“Is this President Bharrat Jagdeo’s personal Facebook? Is it his official one?” the inquisitive, and possibly hopeful message reads. The report did not state whether the impersonator had used the Zombie application or had indeed “poked” anyone recently.

The Guyana government said that officials also discovered that someone had impersonated the president of the South American nation on another social networking site.

Pretending to be someone else, or someone other than yourself, is common practise online. Can it be policed, and should it be policed? What do you think?