Top 10 UK performers across consumer electronics in Google UK

Amazon is the clear winner across electrical goods. Ebay appears across the board but does not make it into the conversion zone enough. Argos wins the appliance sectors with strong SEO performance.

Using Pi Datametrics, we like to see who is performing best across our vertical search term groups. Here we take a look at the best performers in terms of visibility score across the electronics and electrical hardware industries in the UK – so think “TVs” “Xbox 360s” etc. The two lines in the charts show the percentage of appearances in the top 100 across the search term group as well as the overall visibility score.

Chart 1: Top 10 performers for TV and Entertainment search term groups

Below we see that in the TV and entertainment sectors Amazon has almost 100% presence, meaning it appears in the top 100 for close to every search. Furthermore with a visibility score of 79, that translates to an average search position of around position 5 or 6 in Google UK.

Note that appears in over 90% of searches, but has an overall low visibility score – this could have something to do with recent algorithmic changes (Panda) where ebay has lost a lot of visibility and dropped a few pages in Google for almost every search.

Top 10 performers for TV and Entertainment Google UK

Chart 2: Top 10 performers for Computing search term groups

Again Amazon is the winner here in the computing search term group, beating PCWorld in both its appearance across all the search terms in Google UK (including “apple mac” and “laptops”). Ebay has again slipped in its visibility score but appears in over 80% of searches, meaning it is there but has low positions in SEO for each search.

Top 10 performers computing search terms Google UK


Chat 2: Top 10 performers for Applicance search term groups

Finally Amazon is beaten for the number 1 spot in this appliance search term group by UK faithful Argos. Though Amazon appears in over 95% of searches for terms such as “vacuum cleaner” and “bread maker” it has a lower visibility score. Currys, a company you would expect to perform well in this white goods search term group, has a visibility score of around 70 which equates to an average position of 8 in Google UK.

Top 10 performers for applicance search terms Google UK

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