Google UK Panda Update is here

Many SEOs in the UK have been eagerly anticipating the roll out of Panda, an algorithm change that has had many organic search professionals across the pond tearing their hair out. The idea is to reduce the organic visibility of ‘low quality content’, although some believe that Google’s approach has hit some innocent websites, which has been shrugged off as ‘collateral damage’. Well SEOs in the UK will wake up to the fact that the Google Panda update is now in the UK, which was reported on Google’s official blog yesterday.

I’m sure there will be many more examples on here over the next few days, but this is one that I’ve noticed in a sector that I study quite closely. All of the URLs featured in the chart below were in the top 30 yesterday, with many of them dropping outside the top 100 following the change:

Keyword Watch Movies Online
Chart showing positions moving out
Table showing position movement since Panda update
Updated Chart – 13th April 2011

The world of online movies and music streaming is an extremely controversial one, with the majority of websites producing illegal material. Over the past twelve months I’ve noticed keyword rich domains doing exceptionally well – with many not even offering movie/music content. The other websites are involved in dodgy linking schemes and purchasing old domains before 301 redirecting them on. One thing that does continue to amaze me is that fact that Google continues to rank websites like, as they have been confiscated (for some time might I add) by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I will post updates as and when I have some.

Biggest Airline Google Panda UK ‘Losers’

Update – 13/04/11
I found a really interesting article on the winners and losers of the Google Panda UK update on the Search Metrics blog. I saw that two flight aggregator websites were badly hit, so I thought I would run them against our charts to see the impact – and the rankings plummeted.

Chart showing drop in rankings
List of keyword terms that dropped

Chart highlighting drops for a number of flight keyword terms
List of keyword terms that dropped

Were you impacted by Panda? Do you feel this is a welcome change?