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I noticed a number of changes within Google’s results from on June 6th 2012. From a shift in rankings to new features – but the one that stood out for me was the inclusion of even more results within the SERPs from one unique domain. I’ve included a few SERP examples of ‘Flights to New York’ and how the search landscape has changed since 2009.

The following screenshots highlight the change in Google SERP results (using top 100 rather than top 10) from June 5th to June 6th. I’ve also included a screenshot from the results on June 6th 2009, just to show the extend of the impact this change has had on the overall page one landscape.

Using the search term in Google UK: Flights to New York (on all charts)

June 5th 2012
Google UK SERPs on June 5th 2012 for the keyword flights to New York

June 6th 2012
Google UK results on June 6th 2012 for the keyword Flights to New York

June 6th 2009
Google UK SERPs in June 2009 for the keyword Flights to New York

Although, as mentioned, this is for top 100 results, I’ve noticed for some queries (using a top 10 function) as much as four to five results being included. What is your experience with this and how has it impacted your traffic?