Google is out to get us? oh please

Google has apparently been inundated with complaints about invasion of privacy with its new Google Street View, one Village, Broughton even banned the car from driving through, so why are people behaving like a mixture of Luddites and the League of Gentlemen?

Complaints to Google have come from people all over the UK (and certain newspapers) Most notably those over-sensitive types in the quaint Buckinghamshire village who thought the appearance of the Street View car (a black Opal) was going to open the door to every burglar and miscreant in the UK – so they made a human blockade.

One Resident said in the Guardian:
“If our houses are plastered all over Google, it’s an invitation for more criminals to strike.”

Indeed. This interweb thing just opens up criminality. We’ll all be at it soon.

New things can be good

This excellent article in the Guardian, which states that we should not be so stressed and the hilarious comments made me think of this equally brilliant video – That Google is Out There to Get Us.

necroflange 10.40am

Imagine my dismay as I stumbled towards the bathroom to find Google in my hallway making an extensive photographic survey of my house. My complaints, however, were cut short as Google forced a camera down my throat to begin a full survey of the interior of my body.

Malphas 10:45am

@necroflange You’re lucky that Google conducted their survey of your insides via your frontal face hole….. they got me while I was tying up my shoes

Funny Google Street View Video – another perspective