Google Glasses, interesting. Parody much better.

Do you remember Tomorrow’s World on the BBC? It was a TV programme that looked into the future and gave 5 minutes of time to crazy inventors from the home counties. It was all about predictions for the future such as people taking hovercrafts to work or even watching mini TVs built into their sunglasses.

Well one of these things looks like its close to being built by Google’s secretive X Lab – and it’s not the hovercraft.

The invention in question is called Project Glass, where Google released photos and posted a video to YouTube to preview the company’s long-rumoured activity in the spectacle business.

What is Google Project Glass?

Well Project Glass looks like Google is attempting to give everyone total, uninhibited access to all its clever applications (such as Maps and Google+ etc) in a pair of glasses – while you walk down the street. Have a look at this typical Google-style promotion video, where the guy in question uses all the services to the betterment of his existence.

Who knows Tomorrow’s World would probably still be with us if the inventors in the show said said “Hey Dude?” and had a chintzy guitar tune in the background.

But surely, as a poster on the Guardian blog said: “You already have a machine that does all this. it is called a brain.

Google Glass Parody

We think this is what Google Glass would more likely be like. But surely Google won’t be placing adverts on the glasses, they wouldn’t do something like that.