Google Fashion is a Laughable Business move

Google fashionAt the news that Google the search company prepares to launch a fashion-dedicated website, believed to be called, it makes you question whether the site has the right business leadership or whether it’s April Fools. It’s laughable that the day after Facebook sets up a “Killer Gmail” service, Google sets up a fashion-supermarket site.

The release states: “The attraction is obvious: with conservatively estimated revenues of $500bn (£310bn) worldwide making it the fourth largest industry globally, and estimated to be worth £37bn to the UK economy alone, fashion represents a potential e-commerce honeypot to the search company.

The reports state that Google is not itself planning to be a vendor; instead, its fashion-dedicated website will direct customers towards existing retailers – presumably taking CPC rates.

Game Keeper turned Poacher

This, to me, is crazy. It’s like gamekeeper turned poacher. Can you imagine if the Royal Navy suddenly went into part-time piracy, as there was a bit of money to be made? Who could trust them ever again to police the free-trade that everyone else has since enjoyed? This is the same as the search engine competing for searches while still encouraging the ASOSs and M&Ss of this world to pay for PPC.

There are so many contradictions:

Having a successful online fashion business is greatly defined by SEO presence – are they going to manipulate that? If they do, they will begin to lose (more of) their credibility as a search engine (as well as advertisers within in that industry), if they don’t then they’ll look stupid by not being number 1.

Outside of search will they utilise the “Facebook Like” model or use “Google Buzz”? Either way they will look stupid again, by going with a competitor or using their own failed system.

Google the Aggregator?

Presumably the Fashion site will be a search engine in itself, or a moneysupermarket type site, in other words an aggregator. Google hates this sype of site, and has said it doesn’t like them in the bulk of searches as they skew natural results.

What next for Google?

So what next? Are they going to set up a Loans site, Online Gambling site, travel agents? Why not just set up a plumbing and building business for every town. They own the search engine, why not make advertising money through PPC PLUS money from natural search? Ridiculous.

Do you remember when Google was in the news for being a really good search engine?