Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer worldwide

It looks like it’s the end of Microsoft’s domination in worldwide web browser usage with Google Chrome usurping IE. According to StatCounter the most used web browser in the world is now Google Chrome overtaking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and accruing 31.88% of the share of users compared to IE’s 31.47%.

Google Chrome’s recent rise has been verging on the rampant, gaining major ground on IE over the last 12 months. Google’s advance and IE’s decline has been extremely rapid within this area with Microsoft losing 25% of ground on Google in less than a year. This decline by Microsoft could in some way be linked to a similar decline in PC sales, the device to many that is synonymous with Windows and the IE family of web browsers.

Worldwide web browser share – Google overtakes IE

Google overtakes IE across the world according to StatCounter.

worldwide web browser stats 2012 google chrome


According to the web analytics firm StatCounter Google overtook IE in march, but for just one day. They also state that their data is based on over 15 billion page views per month (4 billion from the US) to the StatCounter network of more than three million websites.

Google Versus Internet Explorer Around the World

However looking at Statcounter’s data with closer scrutiny, their worldwide stats show IE leading Chrome in Europe and North America with the US still favouring IE at almost two to one. However the emerging markets in Asia, Africa and South America have Chrome leading the way, with over 50% of the latter’s using Google’s browser. India and Brazil also carry a lot of weight, with 40% and over 50% respectively opting for Google Chrome.

Africa web browser share 2012 – Google versus IE

Firefox actually leads the way in Africa where it has been most used browser since October 2011. Google is rapidly catching.

Asia web browser share 2012 – Google beats IE

Google Chrome has led IE since the beginning of 2012 with a rapid recent assault on Microsoft’s dominance.

Europe web browser share 2012 – Google versus IE

It’s a three way tie in Europe between Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It looks like there will only be one winner in the very near future.

europe web browser stats 2012

South America web browser share 2012 – Google beats IE

South America seems to adore Google Chrome with extremely fast uptake over the last 12 months, with IE and Firefox being left in their wake.

south america web browser stats 2012

North America web browser share 2012 – Google versus IE

Microsoft is just surviving in its homeland region and has managed (until relatively recently) to stave off both Google Chrome and Firefox, that however may not last much longer.

north america web browser stats 2012