Google Android @ Home Framework

It only seems like yesterday that Google was being questioned by Governments on their apparent error in collection of personal home internet information, and now here we are with a more transparent and honest strategy to get into peoples homes.

Getting into your home and understanding domestic habits has been central to the last 100 years of brand development and economic growth, P&G for one would give up a lot for the type of data that Google could provide if let into your home.

Consider what is being said about personalisation.

I can see the strategy now, we’ve done the web, we’ve done the libraries, now we need to do people. The time might come when we all need a “disallow” tag for our mind for fear of seeing our thoughts in the SERPS

Google is present whether you invite it or not.

With Google accessing and indexing all your domestic data, habits and thoughts, the semantic web could take on a rather apocalyptic theme. While governments struggle to get us to invest in the idea of an identity card, corporate companies like Tesco have collected through their Club Card scheme more data on our personal life and habits through what we consume in one year than the Government has data on us for the last 10 years.

Google, I am sure would have loved to have gained purchasing info like Tesco over the last 20 years and while I’m sure with Google Checkout they are starting to collect this info, getting direct content from your home will put Google one or two steps ahead of every other commerce driven business in the world. Only Government intervention on a global scale would stop the rampant monopoly of information.

So what happens when Google gets in your home?.

From the Fridge Food Management, Google will know:

When you eat, what you eat, how often you snack, how much you snack, how much alcohol you consume…

From the Lighting Control, Google will know:

When you’re at home, when you sleep, when you’re kicked out of bed and told to sleep on the sofa, when you’re away, where you’re away (iphone app using geo-location when you log in the turn the lights on and off)…

From the Heating Control, Google will know:

The energy efficiency of your house, home routines, when you shower, when you bath…

There is no limit.

I personally wonder what Google will do with all this information, how would this effect the search personalisation filters and if the time has come when Google is less interested in delivering us access to published information or more interested in our personal unpublished data.

They could always tell us they are not collecting it.

It is an exciting time to be involved in technology and web, Search Engineers will be very busy.