The Future of SEO is Now – Talk slides – Pi and Sagittarius event

On Friday 6th April, we teamed up with our agency customers Sagittarius to bring together digital thought-leaders and delegates from major brands, to discuss the subject on everyone’s lips: The future of SEO.

From voice search, through to customer experience and integrating datasets, we explored the topics that are becoming unavoidable in digital and, indeed, business.

The day was a resounding success and we can all safely say that we came away wiser, reenergised and eager to put our takeaways into practice.

Read on to view the talk slides.

The day’s events

Hosted on the river-front in London Bridge, ‘The Future of SEO’ matched inspiring insights with an equally inspiring location.

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The agenda

Paul Stephen, CEO of Sagittarius, kicked off the day with a quote from Arthur C. Clarke based on the idea that, to be able to predict the future, we have think ‘Ridiculously’, as only the ‘Ridiculous’ predictions made in the past have transpired in the future.

To prove that point, he referenced Microsoft and the fact that, via AR, their teams are able to have remote meetings on Mars – which is ridiculous to some even now.

Pi Datametrics - The Future of SEO is Now

Lucie Beer | Digital horizons | Sagittarius | 10.00am

Lucie took us through the new frontiers and ‘Digital horizons’ of search, and how to prepare for them; focussing specifically on voice search, search trends, developments in the SERPs, and the rise of Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO).

Pi Datametrics - The Future of SEO is Now - Lucie Beer

John Brasington | Voice search – The tipping point | Pi Datametrics | 10.40am

John delved further into voice search development, with actionable insights on how to maintain performance across traditional SEO, while optimising for longer-tail, semantic voice searches. For a fuller write-up, catch our CTO, Jon Earnshaw’s earlier talk on the voice search tipping point.

Pi Datametrics - The Future of SEO is Now - John Brasington

Peter Fairfax | Understanding the bigger picture | Brandwatch | 11.30am

Peter discussed the merits of integrating search and social datasets, combining Brandwatch and Pi Datametrics’ data to discover truer insights on the subject of ‘Personal debt’. Integration enables us to spot similarities, but most importantly, differences in datasets to reveal patterns, trends, external landscape developments and content opportunities. For more information, read our joint ‘Financial services: Integrating search and social’ report here.

Pi Datametrics - The Future of SEO is Now - Peter Fairfax

Robert Craven| SEO success is marketing #101 | Google Elevator / The Directors’ Centre | 12.00pm

Taking us back to basics, or ‘Marketing 101’, Robert reminded us of what’s important. With the simple phrase ‘Show me the money’, he aimed to get to the crucial reason for our marketing and business decisions, encouraging us to think of the end goal and put the customer at the centre of everything.

Pi Datametrics - The Future of SEO is Now - Robert Craven


After the event talks, we headed downstairs to discuss the days insights, share our knowledge and plan our next-steps over a spot of pizza!

Pi Datametrics - The Future of SEO is Now - Lunch


For any further information on the ‘Voice search audits‘ we offer at Pi Datametrics, or to learn more about integrating search and social data via our partnership with Brandwatch, get in touch today.