Favourite Website of the Week – Blip.fm

picture-2Everyone is talking about Twitter at the moment – The free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. For those that don’t know it basically lets you update your status, as with Facebook and tell your followers / fans / friends what you are up to.

Some people simply write “just got up. Have a hangover” and leave it at that. Others write more surreal comments. Or if you are Barack Obama you write some quite important stuff like “Just became President of the World’s most powerful country” etc etc. More amusingly a mate of mine told a beautiful story on Feb 14th, Valentines morning where he started…

9.30am “You can call me McLovin, today”

Then went on…

10.42am “The postman hasn’t arrived yet, this is getting stressful”

12.04pm “I’m now in the dog house, my girlfriend isn’t talking to me”

This is a great use of Twitter, but i have not really seen anything else that has urged me to repeatedly visit it and give the world (or my handful of friends and other SEO companies who have become my “friends”) an update of my day’s movements. To me this one sentence simply isn’t enough, and with the fear of sounding like a certain newspaper’s curmudgeon journalism, “what is the point?”.

So this brings me on to the inaugral IP-SEO…

Website of the Week

It’s Blip.FM. I love it. Basically it gives you the freedom to be a DJ of your very own radio station. Play whatever tracks you like, as often as you like – For Free. And when you play a new track known as a Blip, you can leave a comment such as “this goes out to the South London Massive” or whatever.

Blip FM

Blip FM

So it is like Twitter, but with a unique, personalised soundtrack. People follow you becuase they like the tracks that you are playing and want to hear more, not because they want to know how much you drank last night. Plus if you really want, you can link it to Twitter as well (without the music) so there is no need to visit both.

Barack Obama on Blip instead of Twitter

So if Mr Obama was on Blip.FM instead of Twitter he could therefore tell us what he is up to, but give us a track to help us understand what he is feeling, so for example “I have been elected as President of the USA” And he could have “I’ve got the Power” by Snap. or “Everyone’s a winner” by Hot Chocolate. John McCain could have had “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” by The Smiths or “Loser by Beck. I could carry on, but you get the point.

You can also put your radio station on your own website, have a favourite few Blips on a loop. Check it out and spin those disks.

Author Sam