A faster and simpler path to explore winning URLs – Update .5

Type: Application Functionality Update.
Description: A faster and more efficient way to explore search term positions and the corresponding high performing URLs in your Workspace.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.05.15

Pi Datametrics – Sample data only

Update Benefits Include:

  • Speed to identify competitor intelligence
  • Speed to identify your own site’s winning and losing URLs
  • Bulk target URL by performance criteria for further analysis

The updated application bridges and enhances the experience of exploring positioning and returning url data in the tracked Workspace.

A simple two step process provides immediate competitor analysis and when used in reference to owned or My Sites the table exploration process allows the user to sort across 1000’s of positions to get visibility on the biggest jumps and biggest falls. Sorted table data can then be targeted for further drill down analysis by exporting urls to Content Diagnostics and historical line chart analysis.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.06.03

Pi Datametrics – Sample data only

Style Update.

Updated style and theme across the application will simplify the visual experience and and improve the experience in reading data charts. The functions of the tables remain the same.
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