BrightonSEO – April 2016 – Pi Datametrics round-up

One of the biggest search events in the digital calendar, BrightonSEO attracts brands, agencies and freelancers from all four corners of the globe, and is the place to be for world-class SEO insight.

BrightonSEO is our favourite search marketing event at Pi Datametrics. In fact, we love it so much that we sponsored it for the 5th time in a row this April (Friday, 22nd 2016).

We’re fortunate enough to be just up the road, so we arrive in force twice a year, to make sure you’re always in good company.


Brighton SEO training

Brighton SEO kicked off again this year with brilliant workshops and training sessions. Some of us from the Pi Datametrics team headed to the Dome, to find out lots of interesting digital tidbits. Greg Gifford (@GregGifford) took us through local SEO, with a Star Wars themed twist, while Sam Orams (@SamOrams) showed us how to build a strategic and measurable video marketing campaign.


Brighton SEO April 2016

This April Brighton SEO was fit to bursting – with queues all the way along the road for entry:


We decided it was time to coordinate our outfits at Pi. This Brighton SEO will undoubtedly be known as ‘the one with the checked shirts’…


…but more importantly, as the last Brighton SEO at the Dome, before it relocates to the Brighton Centre in September…


The Pi Datametrics team got up to lots of things throughout the day:

  • Our CTO Jon Earnshaw gave another fantastic talk on “How to fix any SEO problem” on the Brighton SEO Main Stage
  • Our CMO Sam Silverwood-Cope hosted an intriguing “Ask Anything” panel, with ex-Googlers Fili Wiese and Kaspar Szymanski
  • We hosted a wine tasting challenge at our stand, with brilliant prizes
  • We brought back the official Brighton SEO / Pi Datametrics pub quiz
  • Our CMO took part in a “Pointless” style quiz on the Brighton main stage

Read on to find out more…


Jon Earnshaw’s Brighton SEO talk

Brighton SEO April 2016 - Jon Earnshaw's talk - How to fix any SEO problem

At 2.30pm, Jon Earnshaw began his talk in the packed-out Brighton Dome Concert Hall. Focussing on Pi Datametrics’ clients – Waterstones –
Jon revealed how internal and external duplicate content can decimate search rankings – especially in the context of Ecommerce.

Read more about Jon Earnshaw’s talk on “How to solve any SEO problem.” here

Jon’s key takeaways:

  • Always investigate suspicious flux
  • Look within + or – 2 positions
  • Don’t be afraid to minimise crawlspace
  • Don’t abandon the keyword game just yet!
  • Begin inside the mind of your customers
  • Use this insight to shape your content
  • Follow the flowchart…


Pi Datametrics content flowchart: Avoiding internal conflict

Brighton SEO April 2016 - Pi Datametrics - Avoiding Internal Conflict - Content Flowchart

Use the Pi Datametrics Content Flowchart to avoid any internal conflict when creating a new piece of content.


Watch Pi Datametrics Brighton SEO talk


View Pi Datametrics Brighton SEO slides


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Pi’s CMO hosts Google confessions panel

Our CMO Sam Silverwood-Cope kicked off the day at 9.45am with a brilliant “Ask Anything” panel, featuring ex-Googlers Fili Wiese and Kaspar Szymanski.

The session covered everything from UX to RankBrain, and answered lots of interesting questions. Here are just a few:

Q: Which market shows the most spam in the SERPs?

A: The Polish market conducted link-building on a huge scale.

Q: Which 3 ranking factors carry the most weight in Google?

A: It’s always the context. Whether your site looks great or looks like it’s from 1997, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s relevant to the search. It’s not about making the site appealing to search engines. You have to make your site all about the needs of the users. Make it so that Google would be ashamed not to have indexed or ranked it. Make it unique. Something that no one else offers.

Q: What are your thoughts on RankBrain and how do you think it will it affect the future of search?

A: 15-20% of queries processed by RankBrain have never been seen before and probably will never be seen again. Keep optimising for users. You will get the ranking. RankBrain is not something to worry about.


Pi Datametrics wine tasting

Our Pi Datametrics wine tasting challenge went down a treat at Brighton SEO! Many wine enthusiasts had a go, in the hopes of winning £100 in vouchers from a Pi client.

Brighton SEO April 2016 - Pi Datametrics Wine Tasting Challenge

We offered 3 anonymous wines, which had to be ordered from least to most expensive. If all 3 wines were guessed correctly, the wine boff then had to guess the number ‘Pi’ to as many decimal places as they could.


The winner

Matthew Finlay, CEO of Rising Media, proved that he is the ultimate wine connoisseur with 7 points (3 for tasting, 4 for Pi decimal places)!


The Pi Datametrics pub quiz at Brighton SEO

 Brighton SEO April 2016 - Pi Datametrics Pub Quiz

We were proud to host the 3rd official Pi Datametrics pub quiz at Brighton SEO this April, at The Black Horse opposite the Dome. As with the other quizzes, it was a huge success, with attendees from all areas of SEO, including:

 Brighton SEO April 2016 - Pi Datametrics Pub Quiz Attendees

We had some of the hardest topics yet; ranging from SEO, to film and geography. The pub was buzzing with anticipation, and the drink flowed freely.


Our CMO Sam Silverwood-Cope did another fantastic job of hosting the night.


The winners of the Pi Datametrics pub quiz


1st place: The “SEO Experts” battled their way to victory, with 57 points out of a possible 68, and were the proud winners of the much coveted Pi Datametrics pub quiz cup, and an abundance of wine.

2nd place: Coming in at 2nd place was the “Random team” with 53.5 points

3rd place: The original winners of the Pi Datametrics Christmas pub quiz, “The Journalists” took 3rd place.