Blog Authorship Markup with Google+

hCard markup has been available for sometime to allow representation of people, companies, organizations and places. In particular, this is useful with letting search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing aware of authors on your blog.

Now Google are offering a new, more secure, way of actioning this with the release of their new Social Media resource, Google Plus.
This new Markup allows your own Google+ account to be linked to all of your blogs, so that Google can display your image and profile name in your blog search results.

Three Required Links

To set this up we need three links setup;

  • 1. Link blog pages to Author page.
  • 2. Author page link to Google+ profile.
  • 3. Google+ profile link back to Author page. (This is where the added security comes from)

Setup steps

To get this working on your site complete the following steps;

Link blog pages to Author page

  • Edit the single blog page template of your site.
  • Where the authors name is linking to the Author Page, add the HTML Markup to tell Google that this is the blog authors page.
    The code needs to be ‘rel=”author”’ and added to the anchor link.

    <a href="" rel="author">Name</a>
  • This will link all your blogs to your author page.

Author page link to Google+ profile.

  • On the Authors page you need to create the link to your Google+ Profile page. So edit the User Profile page.
  • In the link going to the Google+ profile, add ‘rel=”me”’.
    My Google+ Profile

Link the Google Profile back to your Author Page

  • As only you should have access to your Google+ profile settings, you are required to point from here, back to the author page to confirm you have written the blog.
  • Log in to your Google+ Profile.
  • Select your profile and ‘Edit Profile’.
  • From here you can add links from your account. Under the tab ‘about’, you should see three link types on the right hand side.
  • Select the ‘Contributor to’ link group. Add custom link and enter a name and link to your blog.

Testing and telling Google about the new setup

  • To test that this is working, paste the url of one of your blogs in to the Webmaster Rich Snippet Tool
  • You see your image appear next to your post on the right with some Verified author details below the snippet.
  • If this has been successful, finally you need to let Google know about the new changes by filling in this form on their site.