Increase in Alitalia web traffic boosts revenue growth

Alitalia Airline SEO

Intelligent Positioning client and Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia has reported that their online traffic has increased substantially over the last 12 months, so much so that this has contributed to revenue increases for the group. Revenues in the first 8 months of 2012 have gone up by 30%, a proportion of this has been attributed to better search engine presence in Google UK and Google IT.

Alitalia has enjoyed 40% traffic increase in Italy and 70% rise in the UK, through improved SEO positioning and onsite content development. For the past two years UK SEO agency, Intelligent Positioning has been working closely with the Alitalia digital teams to increase traffic through more effective and searchable content.

Delivering the right SEO strategy for Alitalia

The teams have been targetting the major flight routes such as flights to Milan and flights to Rome as well as the more general terms Flights to Italy. Achieving good positions and getting traffic to the site is just the first step, making sure that visitors turn into customers is the next major step. IP has been working closely with Alitalia to decrease bounce rate and increase purchase. So much as that traffic increases has contributed to a 30% rise in revenue for the airline.

In addition to growth from the UK and Italy, Alitalia has also enjoyed traffic increases from the USA and France through and

The chart below shows a rise in positions for several major keyword terms for Alitalia over the second half of 2012 for Google UK:

Alitalia SEO results UK


For more particular search queries, the chart below shows a rise in positions for several other keyword terms for Alitalia over the second half of 2012 for Google UK:

Alitalia search results

Travel Industry Search Market

The search market in travel is significant and for a successful airline or travel site there are substantial rewards to be had. It was reported recently in the Financial Times that the travel industry in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific was estimated to be worth $723bn in 2009 and around a third of purchases were made online. It is by far the largest category in e-commerce, eclipsing sales of books and electronics.

Intelligent Positioning look forward to working with Alitalia throughout 2013 and achieving even better results.