A New Era in Search with IP’s Class SEO Platform

Intelligent Positioning’s new enterprise-class SEO platform introduces a new era in natural search giving customers global, real-time competitive advantage

From its deep experience with big global brands, Intelligent Positioning recognised that SEO has fallen behind current Digital advances. So IP addressed this. Now the Intelligent Platform delivers customers a powerful SEO solution to analyse, measure and scale their internal marketing and see those improvements in real time.

Global SEO Platform

The IP Platform is a cloud-based technology service that automates data gathering, manages SEO, and provides a workflow and real-time reporting to continually improve search engine optimisation. Corporations such as AXA, IPC or Siemens can leverage this SEO Platform to provide the deep global analysis across any search engine worldwide, including any language, any character scripts or even idiomatic terms. It then offers prioritised, actionable recommendations instantly and users can model different scenarios and see their impact.

IP’s customisable reporting modules can create executive-level reports for clients combining conversion and revenue data from other analytics platforms as well as providing differentiated role-based reports to various users across their organisations.

  • Unlimited search capabilities worldwide – any countries, languages, search engines, keywords. Easily track rank across multiple search engines for any number of keywords. Tracking data within the IP Platform is stored over time enabling detailed trend analysis and action.
  • See what your competitors are doing and instantly react?. The IP Platform algorithmically analyses the SERPs and automatically discovers competitors moving up the rankings, providing specific competitor assessment, trending and impact of your changes.
  • Get relevant actionable recommendations in real time?. The IP Platform assesses your website, analyses on and off page elements, and makes specific role-based actionable recommendations for changes that can be made to improve visibility.

As a result the IP SEO Platform provides customers with solutions for modern SEO challenges as it can track search engine movements globally for client keywords with the ability to view in-depth SEO analysis and competitive intelligence to maintain clients competitive natural search advantage. The IP SEO Platform is able to deliver accurate ROI-based reporting from a single SEO solution reducing the need for disparate tools and manual processes.

Intelligent Positioning, who is recognised as a research and development centre by the UK Government and HMRC, has utilised their proprietary methodology and deep global client understanding to produce this enterprise SEO platform. The integration of IP Platform will enable customers spend more time on their own business, improving your competitive advantage and the bottom line.