Intelligent Positioning launches new Business Intelligence and Natural Search platform – Pi Datametrics

Technology company Intelligent Positioning today launches its new SaaS business intelligence SEO platform, Pi Datametrics. The new platform offers enterprise class natural search technology, empowering brands, corporations and marketers to control and improve their online visibility and to make intelligence based strategic decisions.

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Developed in response to real clients’ needs, Pi Datametrics SEO platform enables editors, webmasters and planners alike to make intelligence based strategic and tactical business decisions. It is already being used daily by brands such as AXA IM, Alitalia, Unify and BSkyB.

“Pi Datametrics helps us to make data driven decisions to increase traffic, presence and visibility in natural search. It is a valuable digital tool.” Emma Bell, Head of Development at BSkyB

Business Intelligence Platform

Building on a unique database of more than 17 billion search results, Pi Datametrics offers global real-time business search intelligence for ecommerce platforms, brand marketers and publishers. It is primed to allow users to identify and respond to algorithmic changes as well as increase visibility, traffic and sales.

Daniel Titterton, CEO at Intelligent Positioning said: “Our passion for data and the success that can be achieved from it was the motivation to develop our products. Businesses that empower their digital teams with insight rich natural search technology gain a significant strategic and tactical advantage over their competitors.”


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Based on a monthly subscription the cloud based natural search technology service offers:

  • A new natural search evaluation platform, monitors search terms globally
  • Pi Datametrics offers marketers unique depth of data offering visibility and performance of their digital assets around the world
  • Flexible competitor monitoring: users can track selected competitors, across industries and locations
  • Realtime performance insight – tracking index visibility and volatility scores
  • Customised alerts showing search engine visibility drops mitigating risk and creating significant cost savings

* Search data for Pi Datametrics dates back to 2007, results/analytics are updated daily, and more than 16 billion search results are currently stored, which is growing by half a million each day.

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About Intelligent Positioning

Intelligent Positioning (IP) is a UK based, privately owned, data and technology company that uses global digital marketing data and provides behavioural search insight to help brands understand the impact of their marketing. The company has 35 employees and three offices (Brighton is the HQ, St Albans and Perugia).

Pi Datametics is a service developed by and available from IP, launched January 2014. Intelligent Positioning also offers search consultancy to UK and EU based clients. Clients include Marks and Spencer, BskyB, AXA IM, Alitalia, Journeys By Design, Seatwave, Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise), and 8×8 Solutions