Top 15 Best UK Youtube Beauty and Hair bloggers

It could be fair to say that Vlogging (video blogging) arena used to belong to the Americans. However as we begin 2014 the popularity of British Vloggers and bloggers has exploded over the last year or two, with UK beauty You Tube celebrities now carving out a sizeable chunk of the Vlogger landscape.

UK Beauty Youtubers wield considerable clout in the beauty, hair and cosmetics industries with many securing some highly covetable sponsorship deals with some seriously big beauty players, for example hefty FMCG companies paying eye-watering amounts to some of the bloggers below for weekly themed videos.

Top 10 UK Beauty Bloggers

Here we have collated (in no particular order) 15 Vloggers (video bloggers) who are amongst the best in the UK right now. Some started with a beauty blog, others went immediately to camera. Subscribers range from the thousands to millions, but all have varying perspectives to contribute to the online conversation about beauty and style in the UK.

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The Top 15 UK Beauty Bloggers on YouTube

Zoella (Zoe Sugg)


Who is Zoella?
Zoella, (real name Zoe Sugg) is kind of the undisputed queen of the UK beauty blogging scene. Living in the beautiful town of Brighton, she has loads of famous Youtuber pals that she collaborates with (including her boyfriend Alfie from PointlessBlog), and her how to videos and beauty hauls are some of most in depth around. Her videos are beautifully filmed, and she comes accross as a charming, goofy lady.
Best for: Light-hearted zany-ness with great product reviews, hauls and how to’s.
Best post: This isn’t a beauty post, but her ‘boyfriend tag’ video has reached over 3 million views. She filmed this with her friend Tyler Oakley when she was keeping her relationship with Alfie under wraps, but keen eyed fans spotted her desktop background was one of her and Alfie on holiday… scandal! The online conversation surrounding this is evidence of the “celebrity status” of some Youtubers.
Total Subscribers: 3.5 million

Tanya Burr


Who is Tanya Burr?
Tanya Burr started her channel with great beauty tutorials and “get ready with me” videos for hair and beauty after doing a make up course at college six years ago, and working on a make up counter at her local department store. From these humble beginnings Tanya Burr has exploded into a huge star, with her own make up range, invites to the hottest A-list parties around including front row seats at London Fashion Week, not to mention profiles on her in some of the UK’s biggest newspapers. She is also half of another Youtube power couple, as she dates funnyman Jim Chapman who has also racked up over a million subscribers.
Best for: Fun and friendly tutorials with crazy challenges with Zoella like “3 minute make up”.
Best post: Her Lana Del Rey inspired make up tutorial has reached 1.2 million views, and is an awesome step by step to getting a screen siren style sixties makeover.
Total Subscribers: 1.8 million


Fleur De Force


Who is Fleur De Force?
Fleur De Force is a beautiful gal that gives you access to basically her whole life, including her wedding album in her bride de force channel, her (late) dog even has a twitter handle (@woofdeforce). Her beauty blogger product reviews are honest as she strives to help her subscribers get bang for their buck. She has some good celebrity inspired tutorials too on her channel, including looks from the Hunger Games Catching Fire.
Best for: In depth product reviews and tips focusing on affordability.
Best post: Her getting ready with me video for her wedding day for her Bride De Force Channel.
Total Subscribers: 980,000


Pixi Woo


Who are Pixi Woo?
Pixi Woo consists of make up wizard sisters Samantha and Nicola, their Youtube channel boasts tutorials that are unrivalled for simplicity and easy to follow-ness. They have a ridiculous number of celebrity look inspired tutorials from Angeline Jolie to Una Healey, as well as step by step halloween make up guides. The sisters are well heeled as make up artists but their videos are suitable for everyone, using products with different levels of affordability.
Best for: Step by step tutorials from back to school party vamp looks.
Best post: Their first smokey eye tutorial was uploaded for their friend who needed a step by step guide, but quickly went viral catapulting the guys to beauty Youtuber stardom.
Total Subscribers: 1.4 million


Sprinkle of Glitter


Who is Sprinkle Of Glitter?
Sprinkle of Glitter is quite possibly a bit mad and definitely hilarious, she is also brutally honest in terms of product reviews which is sometimes exactly what you need in a beauty blogger. She loves cute mini-products, pink, sparkles (hence the name) and is also good pals with Zoella. She also does curvy fashion lookbooks and documents her daughter “baby glitter’s” outfits.
Best for: Funny relate-able beauty hauls and viscously honest product reviews.
Best post:How to look average” is a tutorial for busy gals who want to look normal in 10 minutes.
Total Subscribers: 1 million


I Covet Thee


Who is I Covet Thee?
Alix from I Covet Thee offers drugstore make up hauls, as well as monthly favourites. Her forte lies in simple tutorials for a variety of make up looks and tutorials, as well as her daily hair and beauty routines. She is a dream with an eye-shadow pallette and is a fountain of everyday make up inspiration to draw on.
Best for: Everyday beauty tutorials.
Best post: Her celebrity look-a-like beauty tutorials of Drew Barrymore and Kiera Knightley.
Total Subscribers: 150,000


Beauty Crush


Who is Beauty Crush?
Sammi from Beauty Crush is a super-sweet Youtuber London fashion graduate who has some great tutorials as well as regular high street fashion hauls. She’s cute, funny, and very bright. She also makes really honest product reviews and lifestyle videos. Beauty wise, her foundation tutorials are particularly special.
Best for: Her fashion hauls and look book are one of the best of the UK beauty bloggers.
Best post: Products not worth the hype is a refreshingly honest appraisal of what beauty products making the rounds in the in the beauty blogosphere she doesn’t think are worth it.
Total Subscribers: 1.2 million


The Ugly Face Of Beauty


Who is The Ugly Face Of Beauty?
Gracie from the Ugly Face Of Beauty makes regular fashion and beauty haul videos, and also blogs about her struggles with body image and anxiety. She’s on point, especially for younger viewers featuring tips for a healthy and positive life outlook, as well as make up looks for when you are not feeling at your best. She has also made some pretty nifty contouring and highlighting tutorials.
Best for: Body confidence tips and foundation tutorials.
Best post: Make up tips for ugly days.
Total Subscribers: 150,000


A Model Recommends


Who Is A Model Recommends?
Model Ruth Crilly, founder of the Model Recommends channel, gives beauty tips straight from inside some of the biggest brands and publications in the world. Her channel includes videos with tutorials for model-clear skin as well as diet tips and how-tos for aspiring models. Ruth reviews for numerous other publications which means she has a lot of products to try, she wants to let us know what actually works on her blog and Youtube channel. This beauty Vlogger is one for those who aspire to be on the other side of the lip-brush than Youtube make up artist Vloggers like Pixiwoo.
Best for: Skin care tips and tutorials.
Best post: “Every day” look for attending a go-see in the modelling world… it’s good to be prepared.
Total Subscribers: 150,000


Lisa Eldridge

Who is Lisa Eldridge?
Lisa Eldridge is one of the pioneers of the Youtube beauty blogging phenomenon and one of its major success stories, in fact she has created an impressive 157 videos since she started blogging in 2008. She is a celebrity make up artist who has painted the faces of basically everyone worth knowing in Tinsletown and beyond, from Emma Watson to Jennifer Lopez. She is one of the most prolific of the UK beauty bloggers; as well as her Youtube channel Lisa has been a consultant on 10 Years Younger and even creative director of Boots No7 until last year. Her 175 plus videos give easy to follow, yet in depth, classes in cosmetics and no-nonsense beauty tips.

Best for: In depth instructions for re-creating the looks of some of Lisa’s celeb clients.
Best post: Her skin and foundation tutorials are really flawless.
Total Subscribers: 750,000


Patricia Bright


Who is Patricia Bright?
Patricia is a fashion, health and beauty Youtuber from London. She is both funny and accessible, most importantly she appreciates a splash of colour (perhaps living up to her name Patricia ‘Bright’). She makes a wide variety of videos, sometimes verging on “lifestyle vlogging” for example dressing for your body shape or how to act when approached by guys. Her hair tutorials, however, are her main strength with a wide variety of tips for voluminous curls to styling short hair.
Best for: How to whip that hair back and forth!
Best post: Another wedding video, Patricia and her husband Mike are adorable together
Total Subscribers: 360,000


Essie Button


Who is Essie Button?
Essiebutton is the Vlogging alias of Canadian blogger Estee, who lives in London and is BFFs with fellow YouTuber Beauty Crush. Her channel is one of the best around for hauls and beauty reviews with a wide range of affordability.
Best for: Loads and loads of beauty hauls!
Best post: She makes some pretty entertaining and informative empty product posts.
Total Subscribers: 370,000


Dizzy Brunette


Who is Dizzy Brunette?
Dizzy Brunette is a UK beauty blogger with a speciality in eye make up and hair tutorials for long hair. She is approachable and accessible, with a focus in drug store make up, skin and hair meaning she is perfect for younger beauty gals just starting out.
Best for: Affordable make up tutorials
Best post: Her 2013 beauty favourites video includes her dog who is adorable.
Total Subscribers: 23,000


Hannah Leigh


Who is Hannah Leigh?
Hannah Leigh is a beauty blogger with a speciality in interesting and highly original DIY videos. She can teach you anything from how to make your own lipstick, to how to dip dye your own hair, to creating beachy curls with only a humble sock.
Best for: DIY!
Best post: How to make your own nail polish – who knew?!
Total Subscribers: 57,000


Melon Lady


About Melon Lady
Melon Lady is one for the more alternative, more pastel haired amongst the UK beauty bloggers. She is pretty outrageous, outgoing and fun but still offers lots of hauls and style guides. She also makes some good hair tutorials, covering caring for and styling bleached hair.
Best for: Pastel hair tutorials, pretty awesome.
Best post: She could legitimately be described as a bit mad so her “Draw My Life” tag video is pretty amusing.
Total Subscribers: 200,000